What we do

We cultivate co-ordination.

From the beginning, our concepts are developed  to integrate various aspects and aspirations for each specific project.  By design, we co-ordinate complex facets into a contiguous whole.  Our process integrates the work of the engineering and landscape professionals who we consult in support of the concept, rendering a complete solution to our clients, including co-ordinated documents and administration throughout the construction process. 

We offer consultation, assistance and representation regarding development, zoning and building department approvals.

We offer design services, including detailed design and construction documents, administer tenders and provide tender analysis services, as well as general review and construction contract administration including payment certification during the construction phase.

Our particular skills foster integration with existing  buildings including renovations, repurposing and evolving natural and built environments. 

how we do it

  • We start by listening to our client.
  • We study our client’s needs and aspirations
  • We research planning references, bylaws, building codes and standards.
  • We research materials, installation and construction techniques.
  • We creatively integrate and design meaningful resolutions.
  • We advocate for our clients to municipal development and building authorities, and community groups.
  • We advocate for our clients to their facility purveyors, drafting RFP’s and monitoring their deliverables.